As a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, AgriTechTalk International CIC has been set-up for community benefit, with all assets and profits dedicated for this purpose. AgriTechTalk International CIC's mission is to improve food security in poorer, marginalized communities through the provision of free at-point-of-delivery technical support to projects and programmes. It provides a range of services, including TechTalk's free-to-use online Technical Advisory Service and a Joint Action Scheme for NGOs and community organisations wishing to work jointly with AA International in the implementation of food security / rural development projects and programmes. The set up of AgriTechTalk International CIC has been funded by the AA International group, which also comprises AA International Ltd, a private agricultural consultancy dedicated to providing effective and timely technical support for the better understanding and promotion of food security in rural communities.


Harbour HouseY Lanfa
SY23 1AS
United Kingdom


Phone number:
+ 44 1970 639468