Apprenticeships: nurturing a diverse sector

Apprenticeships are a unique opportunity for NGOs to recruit a new generation of entry-level talent and upskill existing staff. 

These programmes are a new way to train and support people from disadvantaged backgrounds and minority groups into careers in international development. 

We’ve teamed up with WhiteHat to improve how NGOs hire, train and retain talent. Focused on improving diversity in the sector, this partnership supports organisations of all sizes to effectively utilise apprenticeships as part of their staff attraction and retention strategies.

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Programme launches 2020

Following successful rounds of applications in May and September, we've launched the next quarterly round of exciting programmes for Bond members and INGOs based in the UK, using the apprenticeship levy. Join our free webinar on 6 October to find our more and ask questions to the WhiteHat team.

Please complete the expression of interest form if you are interested in any of these opportunities. 

  • Project Management, for existing staff member who manage projects, strategy or operations. Application deadline 10 November, start date 26 November.
  • People Leadership, for existing managers with fewer than 4 years of management experience. Application deadline 9 November, start date 25 November.
  • Data Analysis, for existing staff members who utilises data at a basic level, such as HR, marketing, fundraising and data team colleagues. Application deadline 10 November, start date 26 November.

Please consider this opportunity and speak to your colleagues now if you think they might be interested. If you don’t pay the levy, we will be working with our corporate partners to fund the training, making it free or heavily discounted for you. 

Recruitment and training for any entry-level role

Get in touch if you’d like to join ActionAid, UNICEF, WaterAid and other Bond members in hiring a young apprentice into your organisation.

Read the top 5 takeaways from our launch event last year..


What are apprenticeships?
Apprenticeships are training programmes that last 15-18 months and are funded by the apprenticeship levy. They can be used to train entry-level staff or to upskill existing members of staff in a range of areas.

What is the apprenticeship levy?
All organisations with an annual paybill over £3 million contribute to the levy. This money can only be spent on apprenticeship training with an approved training provider, not salaries or short-courses. Calculate the approximate size of your organisation’s levy.

My organisation doesn’t pay the levy - how would I fund an apprentice?
If your organisation doesn’t pay into the levy, or has already spent its levy pot, WhiteHat works with corporate clients willing to donate the cost of the training for Bond members.

What are the benefits of hiring an entry-level apprentice?
NGOs often feel they hire over-qualified people into their entry-level roles and, while there is a desire to increase the diversity of the sector, many NGOs feel they could do more. WhiteHat specialises in finding diverse, high-potential young people who don’t want to go to university. Apprentices often outlast graduate hires and benefit from support and training provided by WhiteHat. This partnership will bring in a new generation of diverse talent to the NGO sector.

“Our sector desperately needs an injection of diverse talent and this programme promises that and more. We have worked with WhiteHat to hire two excellent apprentices and upskill existing staff using our levy pot. WhiteHat's support and advice have been invaluable and I urge everyone in the charity sector to speak to WhiteHat and Bond.” - Andrea Metcalf, deputy director of people and culture at ActionAid UK

What are the benefits of upskilling our existing employees through apprenticeships?
WhiteHat apprenticeships are delivered by trained coaches who have worked in industry and who specialise in applying learning to apprentices’ work. They support your staff throughout the programme through in-person sessions, bootcamps and webinars to ensure learning is retained and applied to their role. Those on the programme learn skills that enable them to perform better in their role and build capacity within their teams and organisations.

Ok, what would we actually need to pay?

  • Training costs from the levy (or donated to you if you don't have a levy pot )
  • Recruitment fee (when hiring only) - £1,350 (includes a 10% discount for Bond members)
  • The apprentices’ salary, which must meet London living wage (£20,572.50 at 37.5 hours per week)

Who is WhiteHat?
WhiteHat accelerates the careers of a diverse group of future leaders at some of the world’s biggest companies and charities by creating an outstanding alternative to university through apprenticeships. They were voted UK’s Best Training Provider 2019 by school leavers and won the Tech4Good diversity award 2019. Current NGO clients include WaterAid, ActionAid and UNICEF.