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Curated examples of the work of NGOs with Syrian people in Syria and the region, supporting the themes and demands of the Supporting Syria civil society conference. Below, you'll also find resources to share on social media and films of the plenary discussions at the civil society conference.

We also have a tracker of pledges at the world leaders' conference, and there's a web album of creative commons images of the day.

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Syria case studies

MAG Lebanon's new female team

Making lives safe and improving livelihoods in Lebanon

A new all-female Lebanon team is making land safe for 4,500 people, many of whom are Syrian refugees.
Refugees in Hungary


Doctors of the World have created an app that uses smartphone technology to locate nearby clinics for refugees travelling through Europe.
Family at the doctor in a Syria Lifeline animation

Syria Lifeline

This library of video content and other resources is freely available to NGOs and all humanitarian agencies working on the Syria refugee crisis.

Syria resources

Syrian refugees on a beach
Images to share on social media to promote the Supporting Syria conference and the themes of the event: education, protection and jobs.
2 February 2016
Ahmad holds his son Mouath in their makeshift home in the Ketermaya refugee camp
Lebanon has received more Syrian refugees than any other country. This has put huge pressure on the country and prompted the government to impose strict limits on residence permits.
1 February 2016
Flooding in tented settlement in Jordan
As the Syrian conflict continues the number of people in need is increasing. However, according to Oxfam, the international response is failing to keep up.
1 February 2016
Fatima joins the Jordanian workforce
The summary report from the private sector and civil society roundtable on enabling economic development and livelihoods in countries affected by the Syrian regional crisis.
2 February 2016
Syrian couple hugging after arriving in Lesbos
The 2016 Syria Humanitarian Response Plan sets out the framework within which the humanitarian community will respond to humanitarian and protection needs in Syria throughout 2016.
31 December 2015
Women refugees from Syria at a clinic in Jordan
This report from the Center for Victims of Torture recommends steps for local and international actors to bolster support for the humanitarian situation in Jordan.
1 December 2015

Syria news and views

Atmeh, Syria - January 14, 2013: Two Syrian girls wash clothes outside their tent in the displaced persons camp in Atmeh, Syria. A boy walks by in the background.
An international coalition has said that overall pledges for 2016 fall more than US$3bn short of what is urgently needed in response to the Syria crisis.
4 February 2016
Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam
We call on leaders to take urgent action on Syria to respond effectively and in a timely manner to the most devastating humanitarian crisis of our generation.
3 February 2016
Children in refugee camp
World leaders must commit to an ambitious and transformational new multi-billion dollar deal for Syrian refugees at the Supporting Syria and the Region conference, a global coalition of more than ninety humanitarian and human rights groups has said.
2 February 2016

Syria in brief

An App to Save Syria's Lost Generation?

In the scramble to address the deepening refugee crisis, policymakers, big tech companies, and advocates are turning to the smartphone to find a solution. But the reality is that no learning app or technology will improve education by itself, says Mark Latonero.

Foreign Affairs 23 May 2016

Countries not fulfilling pledges to help Syrian refugees, report finds

Countries who attended the Supporting Syria conference in London have so far only committed a sixth of the money they pledged for 2016, a new report by Concern Worldwide shows.

The Guardian 20 May 2016

Discrimination against Muslim NGOs

Muslim NGOs are being discriminated against by donors & banks, say former U.K. Department for International Development chiefs, Clare Short and Andrew Mitchell. 

Devex 11 April 2016

Video: Five years on, what next for Syria?

Bringing together leading humanitarian officials, Syrian aid workers and experts, this video of a recent panel discussion reflects on the impact of the war and look at how to help people in Syria survive – and even rebuild and recover – as the war continues.

ODI 17 March 2016

Syria crisis: Humanitarian agencies urge unimpeded access

After the opening week of peace talks aimed at ending the war in Syria were suspended only three days after they began, Devex shares a recent call from humanitarian organisations to stop the suffering and place pressure on all parties to end the blockade on urgently needed humanitarian assistance.

Devex 10 February 2016

Syria: 'You can't have an entire population dependent on aid'

NGOs are attempting to provide jobs but immediate humanitarian needs are overwhelming moves towards longer term solutions for people in Syria.

The Guardian 5 February 2016
Syria map

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