How can Bond improve?

Visual minutes courtesy of Creative Connection

Strategy 2016-2021

Bond's new strategy for 2016-21 has been adopted by members at the Bond AGM.


Strategy cover

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Bond's strategy to 2021

As well as supporting our members to respond to these challenges, Bond is grappling with the challenges itself. What we have learned forms the basis of the Bond Strategy that sets our goals and direction from 2016–2021. We will ask ourselves and others difficult questions.

Our aim was to create a strategy that is:

  • legitimate – drawing on the views of a wide-range of those with a stake in Bond, foremost its members
  • credible – taking advantage of a wide range of sources of information and insight
  • diverse – drawing on views from inside and outside Bond and the Bond network, from organisations small and large, from all types of people, and from those in the South as well as the North

The member event held on 3 June, combined with the results from our online survey, more than 45 in-depth interviews with members and other development actors, working group discussions and work by Bond staff, allowed us to meet the three criteria and support the Board in making properly informed decisions about future strategy.

Member event

On 3 June attendees from 49 of Bond's member organisations (including three Board members) joined 11 Bond staff, external experts and a couple of inspiring artists.


  1. Review Bond’s recent report - Fast Forward: the changing role of UK based INGOs
  2. Consider the changes Bond members might plan to make to their organisations in light of the report
  3. Discuss the support needs these changes might raise
  4. Identify the role Bond might play in meeting these needs in the coming years

In a nutshell

Our talented friends from Creative Connection documented the day beautifully with a set of visual minutes.

How can Bond improve?

In a nutshell: Bond should enable

In more depth

Download useful information that was presented and collated on the day: