Bond Small NGO Award longlist

The Small NGO Impact Award acknowledges small organisations that make a big impact in people’s lives or drive positive change in the world. 

Below, you can see the longlist of nominations. Click on the organisation below to see what project they have submitted for this award. 

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Ace Africa

Improving access to quality HIV health services, for marginalized Maasai communities in Arusha District, Northern Tanzania


A large Maasai community gather for the Ace Africa drama performance, Kisongo, Arusha

In Arusha, marginalised Maasai communities are vulnerable to HIV but face key barriers in accessing health services. Through innovative community drama events and capacity building, Ace Africa has challenged widespread stigma and improved access to quality HIV prevention, testing and treatment services for 22,172 people.

Advantage Africa

Preventing skin cancer among people with albinism in Uganda


SNUPA's leader Peter equipping young brothers with albinism with hats, sunscreen and knowledge to stay safe from skin cancer

Without sun protection, 98% of people with albinism in Uganda die before they’re 40. This project is saving lives by preventing needless deaths from skin cancer. It helps people with albinism to keep safe with sun protective resources and to lobby for inclusion of their needs within state health policies.


Communicating for change using social media


Young people from Southern Africa come together at co-creation workshop to develop Avert's Young Voices materials

HIV isn’t over, especially for young people in Southern Africa, who still don’t have the knowledge they need. Stigma, myths and misinformation mean that people aren’t able to make informed choices. Avert developed a social media approach to help millions of people take control of their sexual health.

Children on the Edge

Scaling child protection teams in Ugandan slum communities


CPT loan scheme

A pilot volunteer Child Protection Team in Masese II slum, Jinja, Uganda, has been replicated in four impoverished areas that face significant child protection challenges. Teams made striking changes: strengthening families and communities, creating access to education, improving sanitation, increasing household income, reducing crime and creating safer environments for children.

Excellent Development

Building resilient, food and water secure communities in Kenya


Excellent development project

The project will support 10 communities/self-help groups in southeast Kenya to build sand dams (a cost-effective rainwater harvesting technology) and adopt climate-smart agriculture so that they can access clean water and food for life, as well as build climate resilience.

Five Talents

Transforming lives through economic empowerment - Karamoja


Jean Bizimana 2018 -Five Talents UK, Uganda 918

Five Talents is providing rural, marginalised communities in Karamoja access to financial services, literacy and numeracy training and business skills training. Their projects offer members a hand up, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty with dignity, even in the face of adversity.

Lorna Young Foundation

Farmers Voice Radio


Lorna Young Foundation,Farmers Voice Radio Listener Group in action, Tamale,Ghana May 2019

Farmers Voice Radio is transforming the lives of millions of farmers through the power of radio. Farmers Voice Radio is a highly effective and cost-efficient strategy that enables rural farming communities across Africa to access and share the knowledge they need to succeed and strengthen their resilience.

Medical Aid Films

Developing film based learning to support and scale life-saving maternal and child health services in rural Nepal


Community Education, Maidi Village, Dhading, Nepal

Medical Aid Films developed a suite of community education and training films, to strengthen and scale One Heart Worldwide’s ground-breaking health programme model across remote Nepal. The project re-purposed existing film content and cost effectively adapted it to meet the needs of a Nepali and wider south Asian audience.

[email protected]

Strengthening maternal health care in villages in rural Ethiopia


Ethiopian midwives

Partnering with Ethiopian midwives to improve access to skilled care for pregnant women care.

Orchid Project

Knowledge Sharing Programme


Orchid project

Orchid Project believes that accelerating the total abandonment of female genital cutting (FGC) can be supported through organisations and activists being more closely connected to share good practice and collaborate with one another. Their Knowledge Sharing Programme uses mixed approaches to support increased connection and collaboration within the FGC sector.

Primary Care International

Improving Non-Communicable Disease care for refugee populations


Burundi Training

Non-Communicable Diseases are the next global epidemic according to WHO, yet healthcare workers and systems in resource-poor settings are not equipped to respond, particularly in humanitarian settings. PCI’s partnership with UNHCR is saving lives of refugees: improving access to and quality of care for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart-disease.

Teach a Man to Fish

School Enterprise Challenge 2018


Menstruation My Right

By planning, creating and running a business at school, students develop the knowledge and skills to do better in school, go on to (self-)employment or further education, while generating much-needed income for schools. Teach a Man to Fish train teachers to deliver experiential education and embed sustainable tools for entrepreneurship education in schools.


Street to School: education for street and working children in Delhi


Toybox project

Working alongside children, families, communities, schools and local government, Toybox’s Street to School project aimed to break the cycle of poverty that children working on the streets in Delhi experience by enrolling street-connected children into school; empowering them to access education and the invaluable opportunities that come with it.