The challenges of small organisations of marginalised communities

Friday, May 28, 2021 - 14:15 to 15:00

An in-conversation with three leaders who run small organisations that support indigenious and black women who have experienced violence in Peru and Colombia. 
This session will be in Spanish with live English interpretation.

"We would like to tell our side of the story, as Colombian and Peruvian female leaders. This angle does not always receive the attention it deserves within and outside Colombia and Peru. We have seen how Indigenous, Black, Amazon and Andean-Quechuan issues are constantly de-prioritised in the political agendas and by powerful urban and more “western” societies.

The session will give participants the opportunity to understand the Colombian and Peruvian socio-political context of violence, and how the COVID Pandemic has exacerbated the situation and inequalities since 2020. Participants will have an up to date analysis on the situation our countries are going through and how the “middle-income country” category is having a negative impact in the life’s of the most vulnerable women in Colombia and Peru. We do not make the headlines anymore, not in our own countries not internationally. 

Furthermore, we will share examples of successful interventions aiming at accompanying and strengthening female leaderships, responsible to contribute/bring about positive change.  You will also learn about the work of our young women, their advocacy work and how they interact with social media, radio and more. You will hear directly from Indigenous women leaders via short videos.

We would like the international community to express their solidarity and support to ongoing efforts by Colombian and Peruvian women and girls, who are fighting to strengthen processes to find the truth and promote peace, fight gender-based violence, discrimination and inequality, so future generations do not need to go through similar trauma and issues. We will discuss our partnerships with initiatives such as the work of the Colombian and Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commissions."

You’ll hear about their challenges, including socio-political violence, exclusion and racism, and how women-led Colombian and Peruvian civil society organisations are addressing these issues, to deliver their missions in difficult circumstances.

You will leave the session with a good understanding of how women-led initiatives from Colombian and Peruvian civil society organisations have responded to the current crisis. You will also learn from the challenges ahead and how it is possible to support effective interventions and dialogues with and between relevant stakeholders. 

They will also share their ideas for better cooperation with the global development community.

This session is part of the Bond Confererence’s Listen programme, which was devised by practitioners and thought leaders from lower- and middle-income countries.  Book your place now.