Pathways to partnership

HIV/AIDS Alliance

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

This toolkit focuses upon establishing partnerships in the HIV/Aids sector (though much of the material could also be useful in other contexts) and provides detailed facilitator guidance on how to support a partnership development process from looking at the reasons for partnerships, mapping and identifying possible partners, establishing partnerships to reviewing how they are working once they have been established. It also reviews a whole range of different types of partnerships.

Resource type: Toolkit

Resource application: designed to be used by facilitators who are supporting a partnership development process

Basic understanding of how partnership between international NGOs and local organisations works. This is a fairly comprehensive partnership approach and will be particularly useful to those working with community based organisations in health settings.

Pillar: Partnership
Building Blocks: roles and responsibilities shared values selection

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A Reflective Guide which could be used to take individuals or organisations through a process of reflecting on their partnership practise.
A paper giving guidance on which to base a decision on whether to have a partnership policy and what needs to be considered in developing partnership policy and practice.
An example of a partnership policy document. The sections on Partnership Principles and Standards are well-set out and useful for others considering what principles and standards to use.