The Open Development Technology Alliance

The Open Development Technology Alliance

The Open Development Technology Alliance (ODTA) is a knowledge platform aiming to give voice to citizens and improve accountability by offering ways to provide feedback on public services.

It provides knowledge products, links experts with projects and facilitates the development of and dissemination of information and communications technology tools, aiming to make governments more accountable for the public services they provide. They provide direct support to World Bank operations to ensure that the lessons learned, communities engaged, and experience from tools deployed can be used to inform others around the world with similar needs.

Resource type: web based knowledge platform

Resource application: to explore ICT4D in relation to transparency, participation and feedback .

This is a dynamic and regularly updated platform for linking to latest initiatives, tech. partners and for understanding the potential for technology

High skills and resources required as most organisations will not have the technology skills to integrate this technology in to their systems and will need to source expertise.

Resource type: website
Pillar: Beneficiary participation
Building Blocks: transparency feedback staff capacity

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