Guidelines on partnerships with southern CSOs - Dchas, The Irish association of non-governmental development organisations


Mike Williams

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guidelines on how to work with local organisations following principles developed by the Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations. It includes some useful checklists at the end: Annex 1: Assessment of Organisational Compatibility Annex 2: Organisational capacity assessment Annex 3: Potential added value of partnership (in a range of areas) Annex 4: Developing a programme or project agreement Annex 5: Developing an effective partnership to achieve sustainable development results

Resource type: Guidelines with checklists

Resource application: Guidelines background reading. Checklists could be used as they stand to assess partner and decide whether to partner, develop agreements and help to ensure effectiveness of partnership.

Some understanding of partnership processes and practices. Ability to use questioning to complete checklists.

Pillar: Partnership
Building Blocks: roles and responsibilities shared values

Related Resources

A Reflective Guide which could be used to take individuals or organisations through a process of reflecting on their partnership practise.
An example of a partnership policy document. The sections on Partnership Principles and Standards are well-set out and useful for others considering what principles and standards to use.
A very simple template for a Memorandum of Understanding between partners.