Engaging with the media

A companion to the advocacy toolkit for influencing the post-2015 development agenda, www.SD2015.org

Sustainable Development 2015

David Thomas

A guide to get the message across about the post-2015 agenda covering all the elements of media relations: message, target audience, understanding, approaching and working with journalists, press releases and media interviews, events and press conferences, photos and photo calls, editorials and advertorials, social media and crisis management.

For organisations planning to work with media as part of their influencing strategy. Good for programme staff and senior managers having to engage with media to understand the key principles. A refresher for communications staff, suitable as an overview for junior media officers.

Skills and resources required: Knowledge of advocacy, some knowledge of media relations and broader communications, and how the two interact with each other to deliver change.

Pillar: Influencing
Building Blocks: Public mobilisation

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