Empowering the Grassroots: BirdLife, Participation and Local Communities (BirdLife International)

A description of BirdLifes rationale for and approach to developing Local Conservation Groups with a wide range of types of local organisation. Also enabling them to link up and learn from each other. P. 6 9 describe the approach and how it works.

Resource type: Policy document Resource application: an example of an approach that can be used with a wide variety of organisation types and of particular interest to those working on environmental issues.

Ability to adapt to organisational context

Pillar: Partnership
Building Blocks: partner sustainability

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A Reflective Guide which could be used to take individuals or organisations through a process of reflecting on their partnership practise.
A template to document key information about a completed partnership. Ensures that knowledge of and learning from the partnership is available to new staff and can be referred to if needed at a later date.
A webpage with a range of resources to support local organisations to assess and build their own capacity.