Effective development group, a short introduction to reality check approach

Reality Check Approach

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

RCA is a qualitative approach to feedback and evaluation which involves outsiders living with people living in poverty in their own homes and joining in their everyday lives. This enables easy informal conversations with all members of the family, their neighbours and others who interact with the household. It allows the outsider to experience and observe the realities of family life, thus providing a meaningful basis for joint reflection on change with the family. It helps to understand the disconnects between knowledge, attitudes and practice through strong relationships and time within communities.

Resource type: Guidance for adopting a qualitative approach to feedback and evaluation Resource application - An approach for feedback and participatory evaluation but recommended training is 4-5 days so may be prohibitive.

Facilitation and participation skills required or can be developed through applying the approach. High resource requirements as the recommended training is 4-5 days as well as time required to get close to the community is high

Pillar: Beneficiary participation
Building Blocks: participation