Wednesday, October 25, 2017

E-valuate provides three calculation tools for an impact evaluation – a sample size calculator, a power calculator and an effect size calculator.

It is designed for researchers or evaluators, or those seeking to commission an evaluation and need a quick, easy and reliable means of estimating the key variables for their study.

The Sample Size Calculator allows you to find out the sample size required for your evaluation for a given level of statistical significance and power, as well as the minimum detectable effect size you would like to measure. The Power Calculator provides a measure of the statistical significance of your evaluation for a given sample size and minimum detectable effect size. The Effect Size Calculator allows you to measure what your minimum detectable effect size will be for a given sample size and measure of statistical significance.

E-valuate has been developed via a collaboration between Foresight Development Associates and Oxford Dynamics. The application is available for Windows computers and for Mac computers, for android devices via the Google Play store, and for iPhones and iPads via the Apple Store.

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