Communication is aid

An animation video giving an overview on the importance of communication in emergency response but the principles of two way communications can be applied to any context and highlights that communication is a form of aid.

Resource type - Background information in video format

Resource application - To sensitise staff on how information is aid and the importance of accurate and transparent information.

Low skills and resources required to view short video and consider how communities are receiving information.

Pillar: Beneficiary participation
Building Blocks: transparency

Related Resources

Accountability Starter pack developed by Oxfam GB. Straightforward guidelines with Page 9-11 focuses on transparency including minimum standards, guidelines and best practice examples. Section 2 is focused on feedback.
A simple tool with brief facilitator instructions for working with local community groups to assess their capacity and facilitating a discussion about how it can be strengthened.
Qualitative research tool for obtaining systematic feedback from beneficiaries. Describes method and experiences in different projects.