Change the Record

Exploring new ways to engage the public in tackling global poverty


Saturday, November 1, 2014

The report explores the reasons behind the fragility of UK public support for development and suggests how the development community can work together to build a more active and engaged public.

Research insights

Three core themes emerged from the media and audience research:

  • Theme I: There is confusion in the public's mind around the causes of and solutions to poverty in developing countries. This has led to negative narratives to dominate both the public discourse and the public's attitudes towards development. 
  • Theme II: The public tend to speak about corruption as both a cause and a consequence of poverty despite the development sector being largely silent on the subject.
  • Theme III: Members of the public use their critique of aid to middle-income countries to question any commitment from the UK government or international NGOs to international development initiatives.

This report offers recommendations to help address these challenges.

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