Yessenia Soto

Community engagement officer on civil society resourcing

Yessenia Soto works with CIVICUS as a community engagement officer on civil society resourcing. CIVICUS is a global alliance of is a global network of activists and civil society organisations dedicated to strengthening civil society and citizen action around the world. Yessenia is a communications specialist and has worked in the international development sector for the last 14 years with organisations promoting sustainability, conservation, education, civil society and human rights.


Youth activists with the grassroots group Youth4Parliament, in Zambia, after a local dialogue where they discussed their resourcing challenges and visions for change as part of the Grassroots Solidarity Revolution activities. The group is also organising
22 June 2022
We are witnessing a widespread recognition of the importance to shift power to local communities. But does this mean that we are really becoming better allies of grassroots groups? Maybe not.