Tim Boyes-Watson

Tim Boyes-Watson

Global director, Alliances and Advocacy

Tim has led and managed in a variety of contexts within the NGO sector: in organisational and programme management, programme financing, emergencies management and financial management. He is now the global director, alliances and advocacy, at Humentum, and was previously director of Mango.

Previously, Tim led Learning South West, an education and youth-work charity, through a substantial period of growth, and between 2002 and 2005 was country director for VSO in Vietnam, where he led the development of a new strategic plan focused on HIV and Aids and Disability. Before that he worked at Christian Aid in various senior finance-focused roles.


Pound coins stacked up
3 July 2019
DFID's new cost templates and guidance will allow NGOs to recover more grant costs, but barriers to full cost recovery still remain.
Coins and money stacked up representing cost transparency
3 September 2018
A new model for cost transparency and cost recovery promises a more transparent and fair future in the delivery of DFID grants.
14 December 2017
CSOs plead for DFID to simplify its cost transparency templates so they are easy to use for organisations of all sizes.
19 October 2017
By ensuring CSOs will no longer be trapped in a starvation cycle, DFID will be supporting the existence of a more diverse range and size of CSOs, each with their own areas of expertise and community reach.