Sarah Marioni

Sarah Marioni

Relationship manager, private sector partnerships
Oxfam GB

Sarah Marioni has worked in Oxfam’s Philanthropy & Partnerships team for over ten years, currently focusing on Oxfam’s relationship with Unilever, one of Oxfam’s longest-standing private sector relationship. 

Oxfam’s work with Unilever sits within the organisation's private sector strategy which aims to influence the private sector to play a more active role in reducing poverty, improving women’s economic empowerment, while respecting and promoting human rights, and tackling inequality, incentivising better business practices. 

Sarah’s role includes managing brand partnerships such as with Lifebuoy (a handwashing programme for emergency situations, Mum’s Magic Hands) and Surf (focused on unpaid care). 

Prior to working for Oxfam Sarah worked for the economics consultancy Oxera and for JP Morgan. She holds a BA (Hons) Economics from Durham University and a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University