Purity Kagwiria

With and For Girls

Purity is a feminist activist and a storyteller based in Nairobi Kenya.

Purity is passionate about nurturing girls' freedom and agency, gender equality as well as enabling girls and young women to access spaces to advance themselves and their communities. She sees herself as a learning leader who is committed to cultivating authentic and empathetic leadership in herself and others.

Purity has dedicated her life to ensuring that girls and young women from poor backgrounds can have opportunities to dream and work towards the futures they hope to see.

Purity serves as an advisory member of East Africa Girls’ Brain Trust, has previously served as a founding advisory committee member of the FRIDA|The Young Feminist Fund and in early 2015, she was named as one of the 18 Phenomenal African Feminists to know and watch.  In 2016, she was named a finalist of the Most Influential Women in Governance and Business in Africa.