Pesh Framjee

Pesh Framjee

Head of non-profits
Crowe Clark Whitehill

Pesh Framjee joined Crowe Clark Whitehill in September 2008 and leads their non-profits group.

He has been involved in the not for profit sector, both professionally and as a volunteer, for over 30 years. Pesh writes and lectures internationally on matters facing the sector.

He is joint author of "Charities -The Law and Practice" and has written a book on charity trading.  He has extensice experience of governance, trading, tax matters, risk management, strategy, performance measurement and knowledge management in the charity sector.

He has been appointed by the Charity Commission to act as sole trustee and interim manager of three charities and undertaken special work for the Charity Commission both in the UK and overseas. He has also been finance director of two charities and is special advisor to the Charity Finance Directors’ Group.