Melinda Simmons

Melinda Simmons

Director of implementation
Cross Government Funds

Since December 2017, Melinda Simmons has been the director of implementation for the Cross Government Funds overseeing the transition of the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) and the Prosperity Fund into one single management unit. 

Prior to this, she held the position of head of the National Security Secretariat Joint Programme Hub, and was responsible for setting up and overseeing the CSSF. Through Melinda’s leadership, and over the last three years, the CSSF has grown and is now the largest global instrument for addressing conflict. The Fund has transformed the UK’s approach to addressing conflict overseas, by improving strategic direction, driving cross government integration and raising management standards. 

Previously, as head of the FCO’s Conflict Department from September 2013 her areas of responsibilities included peacekeeping and peace building; business and conflict; protection of civilians, prevention of sexual violence; children in armed conflict; and stabilisation.

Prior to working at the FCO, Melinda was deputy director of DFID’s Europe Dept (2011 -13), DFID deputy director, Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (2010-11), and head of the Middle East Department, in addition to serving overseas as head of DFID’s Southern Africa programme. 

Melinda has also worked outside of government. She was public affairs officer for International Alert for four years and also worked in marketing and advertising. She has a Masters degree in European politics and speaks French and German. She is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.