Lorna Pearcey

Caplor Horizons

Lorna's role as programme manager encompasses all elements of Caplor Horizons from strategic development, to supporting the team of advisors, to directly designing and delivering activities to strengthen the effectiveness of other organisations. Previously, her work included being a senior manager with a local development agency called Community First. Based in the West of England, she worked with the public, private and social sectors to develop, and be responsible for, the implementation of programmes focusing on rural sustainability; this included establishing and managing a dedicated team focusing on Sustainable Communities.

Inspired by experiences internationally, she has consistently focused on personal, organisational, and community development. Lorna has a wide variety of experience: for instance, as a school governor, as a trustee of an environmental charity, and as a board member of an Environmental Study Centre. Lorna's first degree focused on anthropology and comparative religion. At Master's level she studied Environmental Ethics.