Lila Caballero

Lila Caballero


Lila researches and provides policy analysis on aid and how to make it more effective. She is exploring ways of making official development assistance (ODA) channelled through the private sector available to national Micro and SMEs in aid recipient countries.

Prior to joining ActionAid in 2015, Lila was head of projects at the UK think tank and consultancy Counterpoint, with a focus on right wing populism and cultural risk analysis. Academically trained as a qualitative and quantitative researcher, Lila has experience in both academic and NGO settings in Mexico and the UK. She speaks Spanish, English and French.


Woman working in office in Seychelles
ICAI's recent learning review recommended that DFID should focus more on creating quality jobs rather than just prioritising quantity.
1 August 2017
Workers in the Wool Tex Sweaters Ltd factory in Shewrapara in Dhaka
Bangladesh has halved extreme poverty in the last two decades and created jobs with the development of its garments industry. But that strategy for job creation barely addresses unemployment in the country.
7 December 2015