Lila Buckley

Lila Buckley


Lila is an anthropologist specialising in ethnographic research methodologies with a focus on Chinese civil society, agriculture and environmental policy, as well as China-Africa agriculture aid, trade and investments. Beyond China, she also focuses on dynamics of the informal economy as well as organisational change management and disruptive change readiness in southern NGOs.

Lila also leads the China in global development team, including overseeing team-level project development, fundraising and management, ensuring quality assurance on all research outputs and policy engagements, and fostering multi-disciplinary teams in China to develop their research and policy influence.

In addition, she has been developing IIED's "disruptive change" initiative, which fosters learning on the practical aspects of NGOs' structural and functional responses to disruptive change in the post 2015 development world.


Fallen tree across road
What can we learn from how southern NGOs have managed, adapted and innovated in the face of disruptive change?
24 March 2016