Laura Robertson

Laura Robertson


Laura helps organisations create and curate engaging and accessible digital content, at the agency she co-founded, Contentious.

Laura has previously worked for Bond, Conciliation Resources, Plan UK and Responding to Conflict. Fluent in French and Spanish, she has lived and worked in Argentina, Colombia, France and Mexico. She is passionate about peacebuilding and proper use of the English language. Ask Laura about: content strategy, social media and Latin America. Don't get her started on: unnecessary capital letters.

Twitter: @laurazoee


Samsung see through safety lorry
Our panel of experts discusses ways in which technology can be harnessed for greater transparency.
6 July 2015
Maseray Kamara in the ambulance after carrying out a safe burial
This year's Bond Humanitarian Award honoured Maseray Kamara and the SMART Alliance's Safe and Dignified Burial Teams for their work conducting safe burials for Ebola victims.
4 June 2015
Students testing TESS-India resources at Girls School Madhavganj Sherpura
The Open University's multilingual toolkit for teachers, TESS-India shows evidence of thinking about impact, scalability and sustainability.
3 June 2015
Tax dodging campaigners
In 2015 the Bond Awards decided to applaud some of the great campaigns of the year. This year's Inspiring Campaign Award was given to ActionAid for its successful Tax Justice Campaign.
3 June 2015
Trade on Chakothi Bridge. Photo: Conciliation Resources/Muhammad Arif Urfi
At the 2015 Bond Awards, peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources won the Positive Collaboration Award for its creative Trading for Peace initiative in conflict-affected Kashmir.
2 June 2015
What impact do counter-terrorism legislation and proscription have on humanitarian, relief and peace INGOs?
14 May 2015