Julius Honnor

Julius Honnor


Julius helps people and organisations make the most of digital possibilities at the agency he co-founded, Contentious.

He has previously worked for Bond, ActionAid and the Commission for Racial Equality. He is also co-chair of Digital Charities and an international award-winning journalist. He has worked as digital adviser to a Caribbean government, written and co-written over 50 books and edited several more. His photos have been published in the Guardian and the Independent and he has been commissioned to photograph the queen. Ask him about content, digital transformation, Umbria and baking bread.

Twitter: @juliushonnor


Abstract digital networks
Many charities are instinctively conservative, risk averse and tied to systems of communicating, fundraising and organising whose best-before-dates are fast approaching.
19 January 2016
Book full of letters
For most charities, maintaining your own editorial style guide is unnecessary when there are such good ones out there you can use. Julius Honnor looks at five of the best.
28 December 2015