Jenny Eddis

Jenny Eddis


Jenny is Innovation and Foresight Trainee at Bond, where she is working on the futures programme, supporting member organisations to innovate in a rapidly changing development climate. Previously, Jenny worked in monitoring and evaluation for a grass-roots organisation in Cameroon, and as a research associate for a London-based civil society organisation supporting pastoral communities in the horn of Africa.

She has an MSc in Development Administration and Planning, and an MA in Politics and Philosophy. She has lived in Japan, Cameroon and Scotland and is passionate about human and indigenous rights, food sovereignty and frugal innovation. Things that make her happy are organic vegetables and all things active, including running, cycling, trekking and bouldering.

Twitter: @JennyEddis


Hedgehog and beetle car
'In order to survive and thrive, civil society organisations need to reinvent themselves,' says Burkhard Gnärig. Jennifer Eddis reviews his latest book, which looks at the changing landscape of the international development sector.
8 February 2016