Jazz Shaban

DPO Engagement Manager
Leonard Chesire

Jazz Shaban is the DPO Engagement Manager at Leonard Cheshire working on both UK and global advocacy DPO engagement initiatives. She is co-chair of Bond’s Disability and Development Group and co-coordinator of the International Disability and Development Consortium’s DPO Partnerships Task Group. Before joining Leonard Cheshire Jazz held a number of policy and programming roles within a number UK charities and international NGOs including Humanity & Inclusion UK, World Vision UK and ADD International.


disability and inclusion
22 April 2022
Following the launch in February of the government's new Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy, the Bond Disability and Development Group analyse what they've learned from the strategy, and whether the commitments fall short of what is needed.
Snippet from the "Talking Disabilities" animation
1 November 2021
What makes a “good disability story”? How can we embrace authentic voices for inclusive storytelling and journalism? Bond’s Disability and Development Group have launched a new animation which provides some solutions to these questions.
Woman on crutches
3 December 2020
With the new FCDO, greater integration of foreign policy aims and a shrinking aid budget, how will people with disabilities fare in the government’s new foreign policy and development plans? 
Child and Youth Care Workers and children in West Africa
3 December 2019
How can we know if our work is reaching people with disabilities if we don’t have the data to support and measure?