Hortance Manjo

County Program Director
Cameroon Kangaroo Mother Care

Hortance Manjo is a project management specialist with over a decade experience is managing projects and leading teams. Hortance is the Country Program Director of the Cameroon Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) Development Impact Bond (DIB) project. She provides in-country leadership for the rollout of KMC for Low birth weight and pre term babies across Cameroon. This DIB is funding a health practice that will save and improve hundreds of newborn lives in Cameroon. Hortance plays a key role of facilitating the Foundation’s partnerships with the outcome donors, investor, service providers, local and international partners involved in the project.

Hortance worked for several years at Orbis International as the Cameroon Country representative for over five years and led the full range of ORBIS programmes in Cameroon and managed the organisation’s relationship with the Government of Cameroon and partners. In her previous role as Country representative, Hortance was part of national advocacy initiatives that facilitated linkages and networks to support avoidable blindness prevention programmes.

Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with my family and friends over a meal or traveling. Hortance is passionate about taking part in women and youths empowerment initiatives, wherever possible.