Hannah Clare

Hannah Clare

Head of PSEA and safeguarding

Hannah Clare is NRC’s head of PSEA and safeguarding. Until 2018 she was Oxfam GB’s head of global safeguarding.

Since 2013 she has managed teams responsible for addressing acts of sexual exploitation, abuse and child abuse perpetrated by representatives of the organisation through investigative work, policy, influencing, awareness-raising and preventative activities. First joining Oxfam GB in 2006, she worked globally on PSEA, Gender, Public Health and Staff Health issues with both a humanitarian and development focus.

From there she moved to the UK Rape Crisis sector and managed the Oxfordshire centre for several years, representing the Rape Crisis (England & Wales) board as a trustee and regional representative.

With a public health background, she has undertaken research into preventative interventions designed to teach consent to sex to young people and continues to pursue research interests which include prevention of non-partner sexual violence in the workplace and behaviour change more broadly.