Fran Perrin

Fran Perrin

Founder and director
The Indigo Trust

Fran Perrin is the Founder and Director of the Indigo Trust which she established in 1999 and now runs with her husband, William. Fran is also co-founder and Chair of the Board of 360Giving.

Fran was formerly an advisor at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, in the UK Cabinet Office.

Fran is a Board Member of The Philanthropy Workshop. In the past, she has also served as a Chair of the Board of Publish What You Fund and has been a member of DfID’s International Development Sector Transparency Panel.

In 2012, Fran was named Philanthropist of the Year by Spears and in 2016 jointly received the Open Data Institute’s first ‘Women in Data’ award from Sir Tim Berners-Lee for her role in 360 Giving.