Dr Malik Nizamettin

Medical manager
Syria Relief

Dr Malik Nizamettin was born in Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria. He graduated from medical school in Aleppo University in 2008 and started pediatric MD training that same year. 

In 2012 he volunteered as a pediatrician in SARC clinics for 9 months. After receiving his MD, he decided to move back to his home town and provide medical consultations in the local clinic. He started working with WHO in Raqqa City in 2014 and aided ICRC in some of their activities. Later that year he had to seek refugee in Turkey with his family. After this, he worked with MDM as medical manager for the Northern Syria medical project. In 2015 he moved to Syria Relief as a medical manager and has been providing technical support since then.


Refugees in Newroz camp
Dr Malik Nizamettin was a medical student when the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011. Here he tells his story.
17 October 2017