Diarmuid O'Neill

Diarmuid O Néill

Senior policy adviser for civil society

Diarmuid Ó Néill is a Clore Social Leadership Fellow and currently is the senior policy adviser for civil society at DfID.

Diarmuid has been a Chair of Trustees in the UK and the USA, he has also served as a Company Secretary in the UK.

Prior to this relatively new role with DfID he was the CEO of Retrak for 7.5yrs. Retrak works with street children and their communities in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Brazil with the aim of creating a world where no child is forced to live on the street. During his tenure the organisation grew from working with 1,000 street children a year to over 25,000. In that time the number of staff grew from 20 to 120 and its annual income grew from approx. £300k to over £2m.

Previously he was a research scientist working at Edinburgh University in the team that invented the technology to measure Global Warming from natural sources. A career change followed that where he worked with community organisations and marginalised young people in Brazil and Bradford.

He has also worked in IT with Xerox, Astra Zeneca, Khalibre & IBM; and consulted for a number of charities in the areas of governance, strategy, leadership, fundraising and organisational development.