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Camilla Born


Camilla is a Policy Adviser in E3G's Climate Diplomacy programme. E3G's Climate Diplomacy programme focuses on how to construct high leverage political interventions which can shape an ambitious outcome in 2015 and beyond.

Camilla has been developing and testing political economy analysis in key emitting countries and working with the climate diplomacy team to translate this into political scenarios for the Paris 2015 Agreement. Camilla’s particular specialism centres on improving climate risk management in the face of escalating climate impacts and accelerating low carbon transition. The climate diplomacy teams works closely with governments and civil society to provide political strategy and global risk analysis to their international climate objectives, to become more effective and deliberate in delivering an ambitious international outcome.

From early 2011 Camilla has worked with the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC), holding the role of director from 2013-2014. In early 2013 she successfully facilitated an informal coalition of organisations to campaign to keep climate change in the UK national curriculum. As part of the UKYCC international team, she organised a large scale youth capacity building summit (COY8) and facilitated the education and climate change working group at COP18 in Doha.

Twitter: @camillaborn
LinkedIn: Camilla Born