Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson


Ben has been Chief Executive of Bond since February 2012, with a key ambition to ensure Bond acts as the uniting force for the strength, influence and effectiveness of UK international development organisations.

Before Bond, Ben was the UK Director of Crisis Action, which convenes international coalitions to protect civilians in conflict. He has 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors, and in Whitehall and Westminster. He has worked in senior communications, policy and campaigning positions including as Director of Communications and Campaigns at Shelter, Director at Action for Southern Africa, Head of Campaigns at the World Development Movement, and Associate Director at Forster Communications.

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Polling station
During the final day of campaigning, we must encourage everyone to have their say and make sure our supporters consider the impact of their vote on tackling global challenges, says Bond's chief executive, Ben Jackson.
22 June 2016
Action Against Hunger team deliver hygiene kits to Iraqi refugees
'If anything, we need more not less aid.' Harriet Lamb and Ben Jackson explain how, by working in developing countries to support their economies and societies, we are in fact making ourselves more secure.
14 June 2016
Shrimp farmer in Bangladesh
We reached out to our network of civil society organisations and asked them why the people that receive and manage aid think that UK taxpayers should be proud of their contribution.
13 June 2016
Motorcyclist in Freetown, Sierra Leone
In spite of the views of certain tabloid newspapers, millions of people support the UK's commitment to foreign aid. And they're not all the usual suspects.
18 May 2016
Bichara Zakari in school in Niger
If you read the Mail on Sunday this Easter, you could be led to believe that all aid is being wasted, given to terrorists or to the Mail’s horror – being spent on supporting gay and transgender rights in Turkey.
5 April 2016
Amina Mohammed speaking at the Global Citizen Festival
During a weekend of speeches, meetings and concerts, a new set of Global Goals were formally adopted at the UN. The big question now is how these goals will be delivered.
30 September 2015
Is the UK government ready to bring the Global Goals back home? We’re calling on the government to take forward a five-point plan after the New York summit to kick-start implementation in the UK.
28 September 2015
Owner of a small shop taking stock
World leaders need to commit to meaningful reforms to address an unfair global tax system that means one woman - living on less than £3 a day - pays a higher income tax rate than a rich neighbouring business.
14 July 2015
Ben Jackson, CEO of Bond, writes about his experience as Chair of the IF campaign board.
13 May 2015

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Shades of green

Professor Melissa Leach, Director of the Institute of Development Studies, will draw on her ground-breaking work to address the multiple levels of change needed if we are to achieve genuinely "green" development.



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