Arwa Damon

Arwa Damon

Senior international correspondent and co-founder

Arwa Damon is a multi-award winning senior international correspondent for CNN. As one of the network's Middle East specialists, she frequently reports from conflict zones across the Middle East and North Africa region.

Arwa focuses on the human stories and the impact of war and disaster on the population. She has reported extensively from Iraq and Syria, most recently returning from Idlib province to cover the ongoing bombing of medical facilities. During the coverage of the battle against ISIS in Mosul she and cameraman Brice Laine were embedded with Iraqi forces when they were ambushed forcing them to seek shelter in civilian homes for 28 hours. Among other stories, Arwa covered the Arab Spring in multiple countries, followed the refugees as they travelled through Europe, reported on the ivory war in the Republic of Congo, and environmental issues in southeast Asia.

In 2015 Arwa launched her non-profit, The International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA), based on her personal experience in war zones and war-torn nations. INARA’s medical network provides logistical support and medical care to help wounded children who have fallen through the cracks and need lifesaving or life altering medical treatment.

Arwa is Syrian-American and fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Turkish.

Twitter: @arwaCNN