Adeem Younis

Adeem Younis

Penny Appeal

Adeem Younis is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist from Wakefield. He has built an industry-leading company and is responsible for raising over £60 million for good causes across the world and in the UK.

Adeem funded his university studies by founding his first business aged 17 above a pizza shop. This grew into the world’s largest digital Muslim matrimonial service, reaching over a million members in the UK and a further million around the world. 

Not content with this entrepreneurial success, Adeem fused his winning digital strategy with his desire and passion to help those less fortunate in life than himself. In 2012, he founded Penny Appeal – an award-winning and Guinness World Record holding humanitarian charity, credited as one of the fastest growing in the sector serving in over 30 countries across the globe with a significant footprint in the UK.

Adeem regularly gives up his time to speak at schools and colleges to inspire younger people. He serves as a trustee at Wakefield Hospice and was appointed an ambassador of The Yorkshire Society seeking to improve cohesion amongst divided communities. He was decorated as the 2017 "NatWest Great British Entrepreneur for Good" and in the same year received a Highly Commended National Award by the Institute of Directors. He also won Entrepreneur of the Year in Wakefield Business Awards 2018.