Africa Advocacy Foundation AAF promotes access and participation of African people in the uptake and delivery of health, education and other social welfare services through the provision of resources, information, advice, training and support. Our community-based initiatives empower marginalized and disadvantaged Africans in the UK and Africa to overcome poverty, ill health and social injustice

We are currently working with partners in Kenya and Uganda to improve lives of African children, men and women disadvantaged through poverty, ill health (HIV/AIDS), disability, illiteracy, unfair cultural practices and policies.

We aim to help communities build sustainable livelihoods by supporting self-help initiatives and campaigns, providing resources, advice, training and fundraising for community projects as well as sharing good practice with other agencies.

AAF currently employs 7 staff supported by a team of 40 active volunteers.

Our main sources of funding include statutory bodies, trusts and foundations, individuals and events.


76 Elmer Road, Catford
United Kingdom


Phone number:
0208 698 4473