Who are we?

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) is the world’s only global network of MS organisations. We have 44 member organisations from around the globe, as well links to many other smaller organisations. Together we lead the fight against MS and work to improve the quality of life of people affected by MS wherever they live.


We bring together the work of MS organisations to help people affected by MS around the world. Along with our members, we campaign for increased international awareness of MS, provide information and support to people affected by MS, and support international research to discover better treatments and ways to manage the disease.


Our vision

A world without MS.


Our mission

To lead the global MS movement to improve the quality of life of people affected by MS and to support better understanding of the treatment of MS by facilitating international cooperation between MS societies, the international research community and other stakeholders.


Why is our work important?

We believe that at least two million people worldwide have MS. Many of these people have little support from their governments. For people with MS and their families, support and information are vital. As is the knowledge that scientists around the world are collaborating to develop better treatments for MS and eventually to find a cure. We are proud that MSIF’s projects and programmes are helping – both directly and through our member organisations – to make this happen around the world.


What do we do?

Supporting and developing national MS organisations

Supporting national MS societies and assisting them in sharing ideas and expertise is central to MSIF’s work. In countries where there is no MS society, we work with local people and groups to support the development of strong societies focused on supporting and advocating for people with MS.


Leading international cooperation in research

MSIF stimulates and facilitates international cooperation in research into the cause and cure of MS and the development of better treatment and rehabilitation for people with MS.


Communicating MS

Communicating knowledge, experience and information about MS is at the heart of our work. We particularly aim to reach people in countries where there is little support.


Advocating and awareness raising

We work with MS societies, individuals and groups worldwide to support campaigns to improve the quality of life of people with and affected by MS. We coordinate World MS Day each year as a focus for awareness and advocacy campaigns.