The future of livelihoods: The Earth recovery business

Possible future #3

It’s 2035. Climate and ecosystem crises in the mid-2020s hit global agricultural yields badly and forced governments and business to act strongly on carbon and regeneration. Where governments are weak, agribusiness has stepped in as a partner to enable action.

Topsoil loss, desertification and water shed destruction are problems affecting many food–producing nations. Regenerative agriculture of various sorts is now acknowledged as key to continuing food production. Biotech is also being widely used in an attempt to maximise food yields and – controversially – to aid some regeneration.

There is no binding international carbon regulation, but a functional private international carbon market is developing and carbon farming is a profitable business.



This "provocation" formed part of Bond and Forum for the Future’s workshop, "collaborating for positive futures in a changing world of work", which explored the future of jobs and livelihoods in 2030-2035. Click here to see the other provocations.