Health Check FAQs

Frequently asked questions

1. How much does the Health Check cost?

The Health Check is a free benefit of Bond membership. If you are not a Bond member and would like to use the Health Check, please contact us.

2. Can I preview the Health Check survey questions and indicators?

Yes, you can download a PDF of the Health Check survey, and an Excel spreadsheet of the indicators used. Just fill in a few details for monitoring purposes at the bottom of the page. These "paper versions" are free to use under a creative commons licence.

To benefit from the visual reports and data analysis, and to see your results benchmarked against the sector, use the online tool.

3. Who is the Health Check suitable for?

The Health Check has been designed by and for NGOs, and organisations of all sizes have successfully used the tool. Smaller NGOs are advised to review the Health Check alongside the NIDOS Effectiveness Toolkit, which is also designed by NGOs and is specifically tailored to the needs of small organisations. NIDOS, the Network of International Development Organisations In Scotland, has significant experience working with smaller NGOs. Download a more detailed description of the NIDOS toolkit.

4. Which other organisations have completed the Health Check?

More than 50 NGOs are completing or have completed the Health Check. These include large organisations such as Concern Universal,Plan UK and Restless Development, medium sized organisations including Anti Slavery International, Build Africa, War Child and Womankind Worldwide, and smaller organisations including Able Child Africa, Engineers without Borders and Medair UK.

5. Is the Health Check available in other languages?

You can download a PDF version of the Health Check survey in both French and Spanish.The online Health Check is only available in English, but Bond may be able to support you in transfering Health Check data from paper forms onto the online platform.

6. How was the Health Check developed?

Between 2011-2012, Bond convened experts and practitioners from across the NGO sector to agree the indicators and the descriptors for the levels of each indicator. The initial tool was piloted by a group of NGOs in 2012, and the online tool is now finalised and available for wider use.

7. Can we tailor the Health Check indicators to our organisation?

You can pick and choose certain indicators to use that are relevant to your organisation. We also recommend that those completing the Health Check are given a brief glossary of some terms used that may have different meanings in different organisations (e.g. “partners”, “affiliates”). Bond can support you to develop this. However, to maintain comparability across organisations for benchmarking, we are unable to change the wording or add indicators.