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Bond's most read blogs of 2017

19 December 2017
Author: Thomas Worley

This year we published over 140 blogs, news reports and pieces of research on the Bond website. They’ve ranged from delving into futuristic technologies to the implications of new policy and political developments for NGOs. We’ve featured a diversity of voices, including our members, staff and experts from outside the sector.

Here’s the ten blogs you read the most in 2017:

  1. How to engage a development-cynical audience: insights from Daily Mail readers
    How do we break through to sceptical audiences? New research based on focus groups with Daily Mail readers offered some suggestions.
  2. The aid sector in 2030: Challenges and changes ahead for INGOs
    Michel Maietta of IARAN and Action Against Hunger gazed into his crystal ball and suggested what NGOs and the sector might look like in 13 years’ time.
  3. 4 ways blockchain is being used in international development  
    Blockchain is no longer just a far-fetched technology – it’s already being used by the sector. Tanaka Nyamadzawo had a look at what NGOs are doing with it, and hopefully gave you some ideas for how it could work for you.
  4. What the party manifestos say about international development
    It feels like a long time now since the UK’s snap election in June. Back in May we rounded up what the major parties’ manifestos said about development and foreign aid.
  5. 5 pros and cons of working for a small NGO
    We asked Bond members what was most rewarding and most challenging about working for a small NGO. We also recently featured another very popular blog on fundraising tips for small NGOs.
  6. What Trump means for the international development community in the US
    In February, just after Donald Trump was sworn in, Sam Worthington of InterAction suggested what the new president’s administration might mean for international development and NGOs.
  7. 7 principles of persuasion for more effective fundraising
    Shabnam Amini from CARE International UK showed us how behavioural psychology can help persuade people to donate.
  8. 15 women making a difference in their communities
    To celebrate International Women’s Day in March, we highlighted 15 inspiring women making positive differences around the world.
  9. An international development charter for the UK’s exit from the EU
    Our international development charter lays out six key principles to guide Brexit negotiations to get the best deal for the world’s poorest.
  10. Implementing the SDGs: Further lessons from Finland, Colombia, Germany and Uganda
    This blog was based on an event Bond, UKSSD and WWF UK hosted, where representatives from four countries told us how they were implementing the SDGs and the lessons learned.

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Tom Worley is the digital communications coordinator at Bond.