Supercharging your communications through partnerships

3 May 2017
Author: Mayur Paul

Ever wondered how partnerships could power your communications?

Wikipedia describes a partnership as an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests and to amplify their reach. 

So partnering with the right people can supercharge your communications. At the recent Bond Conference, I discussed how best to achieve this drawing on lessons from CARE International’s successful partnership with The Times. This partnership was part of a Christmas appeal which helped raise over £220,000 for CARE’s work.

Three key lessons you can apply to your partnerships

1. Partnerships are about relationships

If you’ve ever put in an unsuccessful application to be a charity partner for a Christmas appeal run by media outlets, you’ll know how much time and effort is spent internally on figuring out which projects to put forward. At CARE, we already knew what our best work was. So rather than having long internal meetings to discuss what we already knew, we invested in long-term relationship building with the journalists involved. 

2. Relationships are about people

The Times has great journalists who really care about the issues they write about. We took the time to get to know them and ensure that they knew our people. These contacts were key to building a strong partnership. So for your next Christmas appeal application, think about who you know - rather than thinking about which media outlet raises the most money or which outlet you want to see your organisation featured in.

3. Being a good Robin to your Batman

Our most important lesson was figuring out how CARE could be Robin to the Times’ Batman. We asked not what they could do for us but what we could do for them. Their journalists were amazing story tellers. They didn’t need our advice on how to tell stories so we focused on getting them access to stories in hard to reach areas and made that our pitch.

If you would like to hear more examples of new partnerships and how these can be used to support your brand, campaigns, programmes and communications objectives, come join us at the next Bond Communications Group meeting on the 7 June. 

The session will discuss pitfalls to watch out for and the opportunities to maximise when you have the right connections. We’ll also have speakers from the media and the sector talking about how you can win with videos and visuals. With 40+ agencies there it will be an event not to miss.

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About the author

Mayur Paul
CARE International UK

Mayur Paul is head of communications and campaigns at CARE International