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1 July 2022
Despite decades of struggle, progress toward stopping powerful corporations profiting from human rights abuses has been slow and focused on voluntary action. What should G7 leaders, particularly the UK, be doing to hold them accountable?
29 June 2022
By reversing the 50-year-old precedent set by Roe v Wade, the US became one of just three other countries to have rolled back women's access to safe abortion this century. This is a timely reminder that we cannot be complacent about hard-won rights.
29 June 2022
The physical security implications that “race”  and racism can have on aid workers have rarely been discussed. The Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) interviewed 20 aid workers and found that racism could be endangering their lives.
28 June 2022
Opportunity International's business model mixes the traditional not-for-profit approach of a charity with the for-profit model of banks. With development gains in reverse and funding drying up, what approach are they taking to fundraising?
Youth activists with the grassroots group Youth4Parliament, in Zambia, after a local dialogue where they discussed their resourcing challenges and visions for change as part of the Grassroots Solidarity Revolution activities. The group is also organising
22 June 2022
We are witnessing a widespread recognition of the importance to shift power to local communities. But does this mean that we are really becoming better allies of grassroots groups? Maybe not.
20 June 2022
A new survey from HelpAge International provides important evidence of, and insight into the challenges and specific needs of people over 60 in Ukraine who have been displaced from their homes by the conflict. 
Former Development Secretary Justine Greening speaks at the Youth Summit, hosted by DFID, in 2015.
17 June 2022
Will we ever see a decoupling of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development? In what would have been the 25th anniversary of DFID, we ask: does the former department have a future at all? 
16 June 2022
Deaf education has always faced challenges, and these have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. But what exactly was the impact of the pandemic on deaf children’s schooling? And what needs to change to give them the education they deserve?
Boris Johnson accompanied by the Home Secretary Priti Patel visit North Yorkshire Police HQ.
25 April 2022
With the nationality and borders bill edging closer to becoming law in the UK, Tahira Kulsoom of the Aid Alliance is asking a pretty fundamental question—what will it take to be accepted in the country you are born in?  
disability and inclusion
22 April 2022
Following the launch in February of the government's new Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy, the Bond Disability and Development Group analyse what they've learned from the strategy, and whether the commitments fall short of what is needed.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss holds Baltic Summit
13 April 2022
A look at what we learned from the release of the UK’s Provisional Statistics on International Development and the OECD DAC Preliminary ODA Levels. These statistics give us an insight into how the UK chose to spend its ODA in 2021.
4 April 2022
Last week, international development economists Dr Priya Lukka and Dr Surbhi Kesar both shared their reflections on how and why the global economic order needed to be challenged and dismantled. Here are their main arguments.
Civilians fleeing the Kyiv suburb of Irpin, the scene of fierce fighting in recent weeks.
30 March 2022
It can be hard right now to look beyond the tragedy inside Ukraine. But the consequences are already being felt outside of the region of conflict. Here's a look at five wider concerns as the Ukraine crisis continues. 
Schoolbuilding in Kampala, Uganda
30 March 2022
INGOs need to trust local partners. They need to be adaptable and flexible to the specific needs in each context and with each partner they work with, being clear about which areas the INGO can add value.
Covid vaccine
29 March 2022
The Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property waiver, otherwise known as the TRIPs waiver, would vastly increase access to treatments, vaccines and tests for Covid-19. But attempts to implement the waiver are still being blocked.
Tents supplied by UK aid in a camp for displaced people in northern Iraq
22 March 2022
To address extreme poverty, the UK’s approach to development and how it spends its aid budget must be framed around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and anchored in the principle to Leave No One Behind.  
Delegates voting at the AGM
19 November 2019
Laura Jump was confirmed as a trustee to the board, and new guidelines on the ethical collection of images and stories were added to Bond's charter at Bond AGM.
Runners on the street in the London marathon
12 September 2019
With over 160,000 registered UK charities, here are communications tips to get your small NGO noticed and reach the right supporters.
People at a conference
29 August 2019
Party conference season is back - here are some tips to get you through it and make the most of the advocacy opportunities.
Woman standing in front of a mountain with headphones in
29 August 2019
With podcasts increasing in popularity with audiences across the UK, here are some things to consider before starting your own series.
This is amazing, I love it." Portrait of Veronique Eulalie Rasoarimanana outside her home in Madagascar.
29 July 2019
It is not enough to ask if you can take someone's photo. A look at the importance of having conversations with the people you're working with before sharing their story.
Views of cities lit up at night from space
24 May 2019
Exploring the ethical questions surrounding how we use data to provide effective humanitarian assistance.
British newspapers
22 May 2019
Understanding how people use and view different media outlets can help NGOs tell their stories more effectively.
8 May 2019
Nine recommendations for better advocacy, based on the experience of a campaign coordinating efforts to make the case for aid.
Terraced rice fields in Yuanyang county, Yunnan, China
20 October 2020
China’s position as one of the world’s largest development financers paves new routes to development, but there are worrying trends for civil society.
7 October 2020
48% of NGOs may not survive the next two years, according to the worrying findings from our latest survey on NGOs' finances and staff cuts.
Illustration of young woman protesting
11 August 2020
How NGOs and funders can adapt to work more collaboratively with young feminist activists, groups and organisations.
6 July 2020
Now is the time for boards and executive leadership teams to make the tough decisions that have been looming for the last five years.
2 July 2020
A look at the long-term income trends of seven of the larger INGO families, and the five main challenges to INGOs’ sustainability in a post-Covid world.
People fundraising in the UK before Covi-19
12 May 2020
As traditional fundraising events and activities are cancelled, here are some ideas to change how your charity raises money from the UK public.
Abigail Smith, a volunteer from Covid Relief Bangkok
8 April 2020
With millions in low and middle-income countries facing devastation from the coronavirus pandemic, we outline what is needed for an effective global response to combat the crisis.
Oxfam, Byres Road, Coronavirus sign
8 April 2020
With NGOs scaling back programmes and cutting back staff, our recent survey shows organisations need grant flexibility to survive beyond the next three months.
Indian trans activist Abheena Aher on stage at Bond Conference
21 March 2019
Key takeaways from Europe’s biggest international development event.
Meeting in Muzzafarpur, Bihar, India
13 March 2019
Three ways INGO research differs from other forms of research and the opportunities and challenges that it faces.
Two boys on a bike in new housing development in Malawi
12 March 2019
Affordable homes stimulate economic and social changes that impact many of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Women waiting at health clinic in Laniar, Senegal
7 March 2019
Recommendations for mainstreaming gender at organisational and programme level.
Two children playing with water in Chiang Mai, Thailand
28 February 2019
What is a theory of change and how can you go about developing one to support your NGO's strategy?
Man and child drinking tea
28 January 2019
Questions remain over when to use public-private finance approaches and how to get the best impact from them.
Brexit flags
16 January 2019
Summarising the current Brexit situation facing the UK development sector, what might happen now and Bond's priorities for the year.
Refugee woman with her rabbits in Bangladesh
9 January 2019
The latest figures from the OECD show that worldwide Official Development Assistance fell slightly in 2017 to a total of $144.7bn.
Young entrepreneur Buram promptly changed the focus of her sewing business to produce face masks for her local community in Mongolia.
16 September 2020
In times of uncertainty, both entrepreneurs and organisations have the ability and impetus to experiment and innovate with new ideas and approaches. What can civil society learn from the business world?
27 July 2020
A new report highlights the different ways NGOs are collaborating with startups to be more innovative and effective.
6 July 2020
Now is the time for boards and executive leadership teams to make the tough decisions that have been looming for the last five years.
An EU helicopter delivers emergency supplies in Uganda
28 May 2020
INGOs must demonstrate not only how to mitigate the crises of the present, but also how to prepare for ever more complex and uncertain types of humanitarian crises in the future.
A woman on her phone
27 May 2020
Having surveyed over 5,000 people in Africa on their concerns around Covid-19, GeoPoll provides tips for NGOs to gather data safely and efficiently in developing countries.
Eleven Integrity Action partner representatives came together from Afghanistan, DRC, Kenya, Nepal and Palestine at a workshop in Kathmandu in 2019
5 May 2020
Ideas to address the power disparities in partnerships between grant-holding INGOs in the global north and organisations in the south.
ICRC providing clean drinking water at a refugee camp in Liberia
15 October 2019
We’re talking to Bond members and sector leaders to identify what the future should look like for the UK international development sector.
How do we plan for an uncertain future?
9 October 2019
We talk to Duncan Green of Oxfam GB about planning for the future when there is so much uncertainty
Aerial view of empty streets in Cape Town, South Africa during the Covid 19 lockdown.
22 December 2020
Despite arguably the toughest year in our history, we have persevered through unprecedented upheaval. Here are some of our achievements we're really proud of in a year like no other.
General public in covid masks
16 December 2020
Is the general public aware of the inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic? Which types of inequality receive the most attention and support? And does increased awareness around inequalities mean anything for how the public engage with these issues?
Syrian primary school children attending catch-up learning classes in Lebanon
14 December 2020
This new approach builds on the best of the traditional understanding of aid, as well as the main critiques of it, and responds to the new global reality we all face. 
Zoom meeting
20 November 2020
Stella Opoku-Owusu, Rainatou Sow and Monowara Gani were elected to the Bond board of trustees by members at our annual general meeting yesterday.
Refugee Camp İn Somalia
15 October 2020
Agile working can make organisations resilient enough to withstand unpredictability. Here are four lessons for building an agile non-profit organisation. 
7 October 2020
48% of NGOs may not survive the next two years, according to the worrying findings from our latest survey on NGOs' finances and staff cuts.
Young entrepreneur Buram promptly changed the focus of her sewing business to produce face masks for her local community in Mongolia.
16 September 2020
In times of uncertainty, both entrepreneurs and organisations have the ability and impetus to experiment and innovate with new ideas and approaches. What can civil society learn from the business world?
3 September 2020
The crises this year has placed many NGOs in financial difficulty. Mergers have become an option considered by charity leaders and trustees alike from a position of financial necessity, but they may not be the only option.

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