Conservative Party Conference: Key points from Priti Patel’s speech

3 October 2016

Yesterday Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development, addressed this year’s Conservative Party Conference. She emphasised reform, transparency and accountability as the top priorities for her department to lead on.

The Secretary of State reaffirmed the government’s support of the 0.7% commitment to aid while announcing that the government would commit up to £750 million to Afghanistan from 2017 to 2020 to promote stability and support health and education.

Ms Patel emphasised supporting Theresa May’s leadership on tackling the issues of Modern Slavery as well as continuing Justine Greening’s leadership on supporting women and girls. She also said that children will be central to the DFID’s development efforts, in order to invest in the next generation.

Patel highlighted trade as a key strategy for development, saying that “access to the markets of developed countries can provide vital opportunities for the world’s poorest people to work their way out of poverty.” Read more about Aid for Trade and what it constitutes.

She spoke of Britain as “a country that others look to for inspiration and leadership” and said that investment in poverty alleviation was in the national interest.

Boris Johnson, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, also spoke at the conference, addressing how British values “make the world richer and safer.” He spoke of a “Global Britain” that could continue to lift billions out of poverty through the use of the free markets. 

Read Priti Patel’s full speech and Boris Johnson’s full speech.