Priti Patel pledges £1.1bn of UK contributions to the Global Fund for the next 3 years

19 September 2016

This weekend Priti Patel  announced a three-year pledge to contribute £1.1bn of UK aid towards the Global Fund’s work combatting Aids, TB and malaria.

Bond welcomes this announcement which signals a clear investment to effectively counter some of the world’s most challenging diseases. 

Speaking alongside the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Global Fund’s Replenishment Conference, the recently appointed Secretary of State for International Development spoke of her pride at the role British taxpayers have played in saving over 20 million lives and said the pledge would be used “not only to show our commitment to the world’s poorest, but also to help drive change and improve the aid system.”

Patel additionally announced an incentive to encourage more donor contributions

With the UK government paying £2 for every £1 given by the private sector, as well as a new performance agreement with the Global Fund to ensure that its programmes deliver value for money. She spoke of the Replenishment as a “critical moment” in continuing the progress that has been made in the last 14 years, and that any slowing down of efforts to tackle Aids, TB and malaria would risk a loss of any gains made.

The sector offered their thoughts on this announcement

Ben Jackson, CEO of Bond said: "We are very pleased that DFID has made this significant pledge to the Global Fund; this decision demonstrates that the UK continues to play a global role in international development processes. We look forward to hearing more details about the performance agreement and the private sector pledges."

Mike Podmore, the Director of STOPAIDS said: “The new funding from the UK and other global leaders will not only allow the Global Fund to continue its important work, but also reaffirms the international community’s commitment to meeting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, while supporting the right to health for the world’s most vulnerable people.”

Aaron Oxley, the Executive Director of RESULTS UK said: “The UK public can feel extremely proud of the difference we will make through our contribution to the Global Fund. Millions of lives will be saved as a result.”

Malaria No More, Executive Director, James Whiting said: "The goal of the Replenishment Conference was to help the Global Fund save an additional 8 million lives over the next three years. With such generous investment from the UK government, that goal is now within reach."

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