DFID welcomes Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, appointed today as secretary of state for international development

Photo: DFID/CC BY 2.0

Priti Patel announced as new secretary of state for international development

14 July 2016

Today Theresa May announced her new Cabinet – a Cabinet she hopes will be able to deliver and deal with a post-Brexit world.

There were several new positions created, including an international trade secretary, the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, and secretary for exiting the European Union, the Rt Hon David Davis MP. We saw a change to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, which has merged with the Department for Energy and Climate Change to form the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The new Foreign Secretary is Boris Johnson MP.

The prime minister has appointed the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP as the new secretary of state for international development. Patel has previously held positions in the Department of Work and Pensions and the Treasury. She was appointed as the first UK India Diaspora Champion by David Cameron. Patel's leadership of the department could focus more on deepening the role of the private sector engagement and trade. We look forward to seeing what the department’s priorities are in the coming months.

Ben Jackson, chief executive of Bond, welcomed the new ministers to their roles: "Over the coming weeks Bond will be working with members to engage in dialogue with the new secretaries of state in their new roles at this time of great challenge for Britain's role in the world. Britain is a generous and compassionate nation that does not shy away from tackling the toughest global challenges. It has an impressive track record of global leadership, whether on agreeing the Sustainable Development Goals, on pledging 0.7% of national income to aid, or on the delivery of aid to people in humanitarian crises. Bond will be working to convene its members to speak with a united voice at this critical time to urge the new prime minister and all her ministers to ensure Britain continues to be an active, positive player for international development."