DFID hits back at unfounded allegations on aid spending

27 March 2016

The UK government has hit back at claims made in a national Sunday newspaper report that part of the UK development budget has been used to give cash payments to people convicted of terrorism in the Palestinian Territories.

The Department for International Development responded: "This allegation is simply incorrect. We have extensive precautions in place to ensure that UK money does not support terror groups or organisations. UK aid is spent where it is most needed and is subject to rigorous internal and external checks and scrutiny at all stages."

This allegation is simply incorrect.

The Mail on Sunday claims that it carried out a two month investigation and singled out projects in Afghanistan, Turkey and Somalia for misspending. The newspaper has launched an online petition calling on the UK government to abolish 0.7% spending of gross national income on development programmes.

Ben Jackson, Chief Executive of the Bond network of over 450 international NGOs said: "The Mail on Sunday's hotch-potch of unfounded allegations around aid spending misses out the fact that the UK's development programmes account for only 7p in every £10 of the UK's national income and that they work. The number of children in the world's poorest places who die before the age of 5 has shrunk by almost half. And this spending has the backing of the British public who are often assumed to be hostile to development aid.

"We are a more generous nation than some people think with a recent nationwide Euro Barometer survey showing that 86% of the UK public now agree that helping people in developing countries is important, up from 82% last year."

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