Bond members adopt the new Bond strategy at the AGM in November 2015.

Photo: Julius Honnor/Bond

New Bond strategy to launch at #bondconf

26 February 2016

Bond is proud to be launching its new strategy for 2016-2021 at the Bond Annual Conference and Exhibition on Monday 29 February. The strategy was voted on and adopted by members at the Bond Annual General Meeting last November.

The new strategy aims to convene a stronger, more vibrant network of members and allies working together to eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice.

The Bond network working together over the next five years will have:

  1. Strengthened organisational effectiveness
  2. Built a stronger network
  3. Provided leadership for innovation
  4. Advocated to secure change
  5. Renewed and defended our movement

Ben Jackson, Chief Executive at Bond said: "2016 will be anything but business as usual. Climate change, demographic change, geopolitical shifts and the diversification of actors will require international NGOs to fundamentally rethink their purpose, their roles, and how they fund their work.

"Expect to see civil society partnering with tech start-ups, a strong focus on innovation in back office operations, and much soul-searching about our current models of development. As we go on this journey the Bond network will bring together the sector and galvanise, amplify, disrupt and enable civil society to deliver global change."

Mayur Paul, Head of Communications at Bond said: "As part of our new strategy we are also unveiling our new look and feel which represents the galvanising effect of the Bond network; the energy created by our members and the wider effect it has on global societies."

Jackson added: "We look forward to working closely with our members to pursue bold visions, ideas, campaigns and programmes that enable civil society to grasp new opportunities to create a more just world."