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NGO demands for the Supporting Syria conference

28 January 2016

To challenge world leaders and raise the money needed to help, the Syria NGO Group, a coalition of Syrian and international NGOs including several Bond members, has produced a list of demands from civil society for the Supporting Syria and the Region conference.

It is nearly five years since the start of the Syria conflict. It is the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. Millions of families have been displaced and warring parties continue to deliberately attack civilians and destroy buildings.

The group is calling on governments to:

  1. Condemn all attacks on civilian life and infrastructure, upholding international humanitarian law.
  2. Stop sieges by all parties and allow humanitarian aid.
  3. Commit to ongoing humanitarian funding needs.
  4. Provide funding to support job creation for refugees and host communities and lift restrictions on employment.
  5. Improve protection for Syrian refugees, expanding safe entry to other countries.
  6. Increase the support for women’s organisations and children's services.
  7. Ensure all children affected by the conflict are in education in 2017.
  8. Redouble efforts to build a fully inclusive peace process, supported by Syrian civil society.

joint NGO position paper on the themes of the conference has also been created.

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